Seveso nl delivers environmental and safety services

Seveso nl provides safety management consulting services specially for Seveso companies in The Netherlands. In The Netherlands, the European Seveso III directive is implemented into the “Brzo 2015” decree (major hazard companies decree).

Each company must meet safety and environmental requirements. For many years Seveso nl delivers intelligent, tailor made and practical EHS solutions to Seveso and other industrial companies in The Netherlands. Through close co-operation, we aim to achieve a sustainable environmental and safety management solutions.

We can help you with EHS due diligence / legal compliance audits or environmental permits. There are about 400 Seveso locations in The Netherlands; Seveso nl is involved in more than 10% of these locations. Specific consultancy is delivered, concerning safety studies, safety prevention policy and safety report, QRA (Quantitative Risk Analysis), communications with authorities etc..

Our approach is practical and always problem-solving. We translate regulations, permits and directives into customized and manageable solutions. We help you complying with regulations. With most of our clients we maintain a well-respected long lasting business relationship.

Seveso nl is located in Etten-Leur, in the South-West of The Netherlands, between the Rotterdam and Antwerp harbors. If you have any questions, don´t hesitate to contact us, and find out how we can help you.